Rust Programming Language

Duration: 5 days

Many errors and security bugs could have been avoided if programers built software with safer tools. Rust language can be used for the benefit of the projects as a replacement of C, C++ and other languages in critical components. It was designed to give programmers a powerful tool to write descriptive code that can be analyzed at compile time to avoid all sorts of unpleasant bugs.

This workshop is intended for groups of developers experienced in C, C++ or other compiled languages who would like to explore the possibility of safe concurrent coding.

  • Motivation
    • Safe programming
    • Compiler errors
    • Memory security
    • Secure threading
    • Zero-cost abstraction
  • Rust basics
    • Variables
    • Numbers
    • Text
  • Safe memory management
    • Stack storage
    • Boxed allocation
    • Container types
  • Communication
    • Input
    • Output
    • Formatting
  • Borow checker
    • References
    • Lifetimes
    • Mutability
    • Ownership
  • Object features
    • Structures
    • Traits
    • Implementation
  • Data structures
    • Optional references
    • Recoverable errors
  • Concurrency
    • Threading
    • Ownership
    • Synchronization
  • Unsafe programming
    • Assessment
    • Raw pointers
    • Data races
    • Memory barriers
    • Responsibility

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